[#78] 16 October 2019 (11:21) by GM Deux - Crafting changes

New Update:
All crafting changed.

All required materials are now balanced through Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting.
All recipes now requires less materials and gold, but in addition, requires more different materials instead of just one kind.

Mining now requires different level to mine different nodes.

Crafted items crafting requisite reduced:
100 before = 50 now
300 before = 250 now

In addition, Crafted items ItemLevel now scales based on the crafter.
(example: if a lvl 50 crafts an equipment it will have itemLevel 35, if a level 90 craft it, it will have itemLevel 63)
This scale has no cap. Meaning a player 400 craft will have itemLevel 280.

Now crafted items have a 40% chance to be unidentified.
Now crafted items have a 10% chance to gain extra itemLevel.

Turning Ores into Ingots now requires 2 Ores instead of 10.
Turning Ingots into Diamonds now requires 2 Ingots instead of 3.

(Developer Note: The idea of this change on crafting is to make crafting more significative and to have more impact on game for those who need an extra push to level up or just for player who like the farming style)